Career Profile

Professional Java and Android developer, deep knowledge and understanding of full mobile and software development life cycles, UI, Clean Architecture and Agile methodologies.



2016 - Present
Instal, Florence

In Instal i've worked as an android developer, my work was focused mainly on the proprietary sdk development

As Java Developer i've worked with apache storm with hbase in order to archive high performance real data processing

During my experience in Instal i've gained experience also with the devops stack working with Chef (infrastructure as code), Docker (container engine), Kubernetes for production container orchestration and Sensu for monitoring and alerting system

Android Course Teacher

2016 - 2017
IS Gobetti Volta

Teacher in a free android developing course for high school students hosted by IS Gobetti Volta

Android Course Teacher

2015 - 2016

Teacher in a free android developing course for high school students hosted by Multiverso firenze


Personal projects.

Today Garbage Impruneta - App that show garbage removal schedule for the current day using firebase remote config
Fail2Statsd - Dockerized, lightweight, swarm-ready fail2ban log monitor for statsd written in Golang
BeSiege - Siege inspired http load tester written in Go
Confy - Easy, fluent, typesafe, container ready java configurations
Rssy - Java blazing fast, (kinda ugly), spark-based rss aggregator with redis as cache
Piove Domani ad Impruneta? - Minimal and.. very specific weather android app with Dagger2, RxJava2, Retrofit and MVP architecture
How long ago - Android application that reminds you how long ago you did something
CoderDojo Events - Event brite based android applications that allows users to find nearby coderdojos
Rabbify - Java fluent RabbitMQ consumer/publisher api
Sockfy - Fluent, modular, multithreaded server socket library written in java

Skills & Proficiency